Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga, a practice that originated in ancient India, has the power to control your mind and keep your body fit. Guided yoga practice during pregnancy can benefit both, the mother and the baby. A yoga trainer can guide you about the various postures during the pregnancy trimesters which you can safely practice.


Yoga during the first trimester


Yoga during the second trimester


Yoga during the third trimester



Being mindful is the most important need in today’s modern world. Mindfulness, especially during pregnancy is of utmost priority. We should be very conscious about our thoughts, words, and senses. What we see, what we speak, and what we listen to leaves a significant impact on our bodies. Here at Ankura hospital, we promote Garbhsamskara (education from the mother’s womb) followed as a part of Pregnancy Yoga. The practices followed include:



  •       Improves the lung capacity
  •       Enhances the immune system
  •       Boosts one’s emotional health


  •       Calms the mind, body, and soul
  •       Boosts immunity
  •       Controls high blood pressure

Sound Therapy/Chanting mantras

  •       Removes toxic thoughts
  •       Improves memory
  •       Activates chakra/energy points within our body

Mudras/Hand gestures

  •       Better connectivity between the brain and body
  •       Soothes pain
  •       Releases endorphins

Get in touch with a yoga trainer to avail the multiple benefits that it can help you achieve during pregnancy safely!

This is general information issued in the public interest. Please contact your doctor for more details.

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