What is Semen and What is Semen Analysis?

What is Semen and What is Semen Analysis

What is Semen analysis?

Semen analysis is the test of a man’s semen, it evaluates the quality and quantity of sperm and is thus one of the tests to detect male fertility issues.


What is Semen?

Semen is the thick fluid that men release during ejaculation. It contains some fluids and male sperm which fertilise a woman’s ova/eggs to produce a child.


Who needs a semen analysis?

In case a couple is unable to conceive a child then this can be either due to some medical issue with the female or male. For couples with fertility issues, semen analysis in men is done to evaluate whether any issue lies with male sperm.

The test can also be advised for men who have undergone a vasectomy to assure the treatment was successful.


How is semen analysis done?

Men are required to collect a semen sample in a wide-mouthed container either at home or in a private room at the clinic, which is then evaluated in a laboratory that specialises in semen analysis. If collected at home, special instructions for storage and transfer will be given. Since sperm count can vary from day to day more than one sample spaced out a few weeks apart may be collected for best results.


How can one prepare themselves for semen analysis?

For best results, men are required to abstain from sexual activity and masturbation at least two to five days before semen sample collection. This is to assure that the sperm counts are at the highest level when the sample is given.


One should also abstain from consuming alcohol before sample collection. Inform your doctor about any medications that you may be consuming to assure they do not interfere with test results.


What all is analysed in the sample provided?

Besides analysing the quality and quantity of sperms in the sample, the number of live sperms, their ability to move towards the egg, and the size and shape of sperms are some of the few factors that are also tested. Any sign of infection or inflammation can also be detected in semen analysis.

What do abnormal test results indicate?  

An abnormal test result doesn’t always mean infertility. Your doctor will analyse the results and discuss with you the need for any further tests based on your test results.


This is general information issued in the public interest. Please contact your doctor for more details.

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