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Compassionate Care, Advanced Medicine, Close to Home.

9M began as a clinical excellence initiative of Ankura Hospitals. 9M tackles delivery from the perspective of the would-be mother because it was not designed as a hospital but rather as a birthing facility that mimics the cosiness and comfort of a home. We provide modern medical facilities and infrastructure that adhere to international standards for effectiveness and safety.

We strive to deliver top-notch patient care. We provide treatments or operations employing cutting-edge technology while still upholding complete transparency throughout the process.

Starting in your first trimester and continuing through the delivery of your child, we at 9M will help you at every turn. Our goal is to make your pregnancy pleasant and risk-free.

9M Care

Your Partner Throughout Your Pregnancy

To meet the expanding medical demands of today’s women and children, we provide a full variety of healthcare services under one roof. Our highly experienced and qualified medical staff can treat and manage the patient’s condition with ease. We offer everything under one roof. Fertility treatments are available for those who haven’t been successful in getting pregnant, counselling is available for those who are worried, pregnancy care and training sessions are available for those who are lucky, maternity services are available for new mothers, and paediatric care is available for newborns.

Our Practice

We are dedicated to life.

The birth of a new child is among life’s most joyful occasions. At 9M, we go above and beyond to ensure that giving birth is a happy and comforting experience for mothers. We provide fully private rooms and restrooms at our family-friendly maternity centre. We offer maternity services to ensure you are comfortable and informed throughout your pregnancy, including preconception guidance. You will have a peace of mind knowing that a skilled obstetric team will collaborate with you to preserve your and your child’s health and wellbeing.

Our Specialities

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