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Lactation Clinic at 9M Hospitals

Lactation consultants are helpful during the first few weeks after the baby is born. Lactation consultants are certified health professionals who understand and provide solutions to breastfeeding problems. 9M is the leading lactation clinic in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. They undergo specialized training and certification to offer advice, support, and guidance to women who choose to breastfeed. They will help you with conditions ranging from painful nipples, breastfeeding positions, milk supply, and other common nursing problems faced by mothers.


The lactation clinic at 9M is equipped with lactation consultants to provide you with support throughout your breastfeeding experience. Here, you will get the best guidance from our expert lactation consultants. They will help you and your baby resolve feeding problems and teach you the best techniques to make your breastfeeding experience a comfortable one.

How does a lactation consultant help?

The first few weeks after childbirth are a crucial time for establishing the rhythm for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be difficult both physically and emotionally. A lactation consultant can support you emotionally and encourage you as you learn the process. In addition, they will work with you and your baby to raise the chances of having a long and effective breastfeeding experience. An international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) is a breastfeeding counsellor and specialist who undergoes a strict training process to become certified. At 9M, such counselors will guide you at the lactation clinic.


Why should I approach a lactation clinic?

It is always better to have someone who can guide and support you during your breastfeeding journey, especially when you are a first-time parent or a surrogate mother. A lactation consultant also helps parents who have already breastfed many children. Some reasons why you should make an appointment with a lactation consultant include the following:


  • Cracked, sore, or painful nipples
  • Breast swelling, making them painful
  • Plugged ducts or breast infection (mastitis)
  • Problems with tongue-tie, latching or sucking
  • Baby refusing the breast
  • Struggling with nursing positions
  • Pumping either once after you return to work or for bottle feeding using breastmilk
  • Baby is not gaining weight

How is a lactation consultant helpful?

These specially trained and certified lactation will help you with your concerns and problems related to breastfeeding your baby. They will offer you reassurance and troubleshoot your problems. A lactation consultant will help you in the following ways:

  • Counsel you during breastfeeding
  • Recognize your baby’s hunger signals
  • How to maintain or increase the milk supply
  • Ensure the baby is latched properly
  • Demonstrate how to breastfeed
  • Determine a realistic feeding schedule
  • Treatment for breast engorgement
  • Treatment for cracked or sore nipples
  • Ensure the baby is gaining weight
  • Help find the best breastfeeding position for you and your baby
  • How to use a breast pump
  • Tailored instruction on breastfeeding if you are a mother of twins, triplets, etc.

What to expect during a lactation consultation?

A lactation consultant works with you to understand your goals for breastfeeding and helps you make a plan while answering all your queries. You can expect the following during your lactation consultation:

The lactation consultant will:

  • Visit you on the day of childbirth to teach the correct method to breastfeed and regularly thereafter.
  • Review your pregnancy, health history, delivery, and other information about the baby’s health.
  • Pay close attention during breastfeeding to see how the baby latches the nipple, sucks, swallows, and breathes as they feed.
  • Teaches you to notice if the baby is getting sufficient breast milk and gaining weight.
  • Explains your positioning and how to be more comfortable while breastfeeding
  • Help you with the breast pump.
  • Answer all your queries.

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, it is best to consult an experienced lactation counsellor to help you get started. Breastfeeding the right way is essential for the growth of your baby. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start searching for a lactation consultant before childbirth. If you are wondering where to find a lactation consultant, please consult our experts at 9M. Whether the visit is in a hospital, clinic, or home, we want you to be comfortable and have a good breastfeeding experience.


9M by Ankura Hospital for Women and children is a multi-specialty hospital dedicated to women and children. We offer you the best, qualified lactation consultant team that will support you in your entire breastfeeding journey. They are experienced in caring for newly delivered mothers and newborns, as well as preterm babies.

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