Nutrition During Pregnancy: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers need to take care of their unborn and themselves. During pregnancy, it is vital to have a healthy diet. If you have optimal nutrition, you can stay physically fit and help the fetus develop. It might be overwhelming for you that you are pregnant but you should have a healthy diet. 

If you are pregnant, you can visit the best ladies hospital and get a proper checkup. If you wish to know what pregnancy food to avoid and what to eat, you may continue reading this article. 

What Can You Eat During Pregnancy? 

Many medical professionals recommend pregnant women to have a nutritious diet. To ensure the proper growth and development of your unborn, you can prioritize healthy food items. You must have a good calorie intake that should come from a balanced diet and not from junk food. A healthy diet can help minimize the symptoms of pregnancy, such as constipation and nausea. To know what you can eat, have a glance at the below-mentioned points:-

  1. Fruits & Vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables in the market. You can have different fruits, such as apples, melons, pineapple, cherries, kiwi, and strawberries. If you do not like to eat fruits, you can have them in fluid form through shakes and juices. 

You may have a vegetable salad before your meal, including broccoli, pepper, and cucumber. Add a pinch of salt, and enjoy healthy food. You may note that you should have fresh fruits & vegetables as only then, will be beneficial for you and your unborn. 

  1. Complex Carbohydrates

These provide fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are important for your health. The majority of carbohydrates should come in the form of naturally occurring sugars rather than refined or processed sugars. Instead of refined carbohydrates in the form of white bread and pasta, you can opt for complex carbohydrates such as:-

  • Vegetables -potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc
  • Whole grains- farro and buckwheat
  • Legumes- beans or chickpeas

Carbohydrates are turned into glucose in the body and are used as energy. Thus, expectant mothers can have good carbohydrates to have good immunity. 

  1. Protein Enriched Food

During pregnancy, there is growth and development of your unborn. Thus, it is crucial to get an adequate amount of protein. You can focus on different protein sources, such as:

  • Tofu and soy products
  • Plant-based protein powders, such as pea protein powders
  • Seeds, peanut butter, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lentils

  1. Fats

You must include fats in your diet as it is integral to ensuring one’s health, especially during pregnancy. 

You may opt for unsaturated fats instead of saturated fat as the latter may cause pregnancy complications. You can have:

  • Omega-3
  • Walnuts
  • Fatty fish- salmon, herring, and trout
  • Sunflower seeds and flax seeds

  1. Fiber

If you have a fiber-rich diet, the risk of developing complications associated with pregnancy, like hemorrhoids is reduced. The pregnant food rich in fiber includes oats, beans, and brown rice. 

Fibre contributes to overall gut health and can help you feel fuller for longer. 

What Food to Avoid While You Are Pregnant? 

If you are pregnant, you can avoid undercooked or raw meat or fish that may cause a risk of infection. You may also need to reduce the intake of some beverages, such as caffeine and alcohol. The pregnancy food to avoid is mentioned below in detail:-

  1. Caffeine

If you consume high quantities of caffeine during pregnancy, there can be an increased risk of low birth weight, development issues of unborns, and miscarriage. 

There are many food and beverages that include caffeine that should be avoided such as:

  • Sodas
  • Energy drinks
  • Chocolates 
  • Teas

Some medications have caffeine. Thus, before taking any, you must consult your doctor or a pharmacist. 

  1. Alcohol 

It is important to avoid alcohol. If you think that a small quantity of alcohol may not cause anything, you have a wrong perception. Your body should not have alcohol in your system if you are pregnant. Alcohol in the blood may pass to the fetus via the umbilical cord and a high quantity of alcohol can undermine the development of your unborn. There is also a risk that your baby may have a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which can lead to low body weight and vision & hearing problems among other issues.

  1. Avoid Seafood High in Mercury

 Mercury can harm the development of the nervous system of your unborn. Though seafood is a great source of protein, some contain dangerous levels of mercury, like shellfish. The bigger and older the fish is, the higher the amount of mercury it contains. Some fishes that an expectant mother can avoid eating are:-

  • Marlin
  • Swordfish
  • King mackerel
  • Bigeye tuna
  • Tilefish

Wrap Up!

If you are an expectant mother, it is crucial to do the best prenatal care. You can have a nutritious and balanced diet, including minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. You should have fresh fruits and vegetables. The pregnant food good for you and your unborn includes brown rice, oats, starch, and juices. Also, the pregnancy food to avoid is caffeine, alcohol, some seafood, and much more.9M Hospital is the best ladies hospital in India. Our team of gynecologists and obstetricians provides the utmost care to pregnant women. We follow the patient-centric approach to help you get prenatal care. You can visit our website for more information.

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