VBAC, or the Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section, is a term used for delivery when the woman goes through a vaginal delivery followed by a cesarean delivery. 9M Hospital comes up with medical facilities & infrastructure to support specialized surgeries like VBAC or Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section. We share helping hands to make the pregnancy journey more pleasant & hassle-free.


We compassionately offer care & support for maternity, gynecology, fetal medicine, breast care clinic, and fertility services. 9M Hospital specializes in bringing top-notch patient care using cutting-edge technology. Consult our team to avail of the services for VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean in pune.

Ease Your Pregnancy: VBAC Labour in Pune

Women are afraid to go through another C-section delivery with the risk of health complications. VBAC brings the best alternative to reduce the health risk of birthing through the vagina. However, the surgery requires an operation under the best gynecologist who knows how to deal with complications like VBAC labor in Pune.


We offer the best VBAC delivery in Pune that can help you get the following advantages:-


  • Our support & care result in fast recovery after the surgery for VBAC.
  • VBAC delivery decreases undue blood loss during the process. 
  • It does not involve any abdominal surgery.
  • Vaginal birthing through VBAC ensures the infant’s lungs are clear as it passes through the birth canal & lets babies prepare to breathe properly. 
  • It improves a baby’s immune system using good bacteria in the birth canal.
  • It is less risky than C-Section delivery.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean in Pune

VBAC is a bit complex as it involves surgeries that raise considerable risk during the birthing process. 9M Hospital aims to deliver safe VBAC deliveries to support the good health of mothers & newborns. Before going for VBAC, it is essential to look at the multiple factors that may affect your decision:-

  • Your choice of hospital plays a vital role in the success of VBAC delivery, as specialized experts will provide safe deliveries. 9M Hospital meets all the considerable checkpoints to ease the VBAC operations.
  • Consider last pregnancy complications & risk assessment for the current pregnancy: is it viable for a woman’s body to opt or not?
  • Check pre-medical history & any complicated health condition that might increase the risk for the mother opting for VBAC.
  • Undergo vagina & uterus examination to assess any issues that might result in unsuccessful deliveries.

Consult Our Best Gynecologist for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery in Pune

9M Hospital has a well-qualified & trained team of healthcare professionals to support the high-risk pregnancy challenges for mothers. We are empowered with top-notch facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology & equipment, and supportive medical staff. 

Apart from gynecologists, our center has a lactation specialist in Gachibowli available along with postnatal yoga in Gachibowli. Together, our team of experts contributes to the success of a safe VBAC delivery in Pune. Visit us to plan your pregnancy journey safely with 9M Hospital!

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