Becoming a mother might be overwhelming for you. However, the journey to motherhood is accompanied by many challenges. Among these uncertain conditions, lactation often takes center stage. 


If you are unsure what lactation means, it refers to breast milk production to nurture the little one. Some mothers often struggle with lactation problems, like low milk production. If you are looking for an expert to take advice regarding problems related to lactation in Gachibowli, no worries! We are there for you!


We, at 9M Hospital, are the leading healthcare provider in India. Our team of gynecologists ensures your safety and well-being. We have significant experience in offering prenatal and postpartum care to all mothers. So, if you are struggling with any problem while feeding your baby, our lactation specialist in Gachibowli is there to help you.

Common Lactation Issues Among Women

During the postpartum period, women face several lactation problems. Some of these include:-


  • Engorgement: It usually occurs when breasts become overly full and painful. This makes it difficult for a baby to latch correctly. 
  • Sore Nipples: If your baby is not latching correctly, you may experience soreness or cracking of the nipples. 
  • Low Milk Supply: Some women struggle to produce enough milk to meet the baby’s needs.
  • Breast Infection: Due to inflammation of the breast tissue, you may experience a breast infection. 

Oversupply of Milk: A baby may have to do a forceful letdown due to an oversupply of milk. It may cause choking and can be fatal.

So, if you are experiencing any breastfeeding problems, you can visit our lactation clinic in Gachibowli. We diagnose you and your baby to monitor your health status & problems. Our team of gynecologists & lactation experts provides support and guidance, ensuring all your concerns are resolved & the well-being of you and your baby.

Visit the Best Lactation Clinic in Gachibowli-9M Hospital

After childbirth, mothers need extra medical care and attention. It is essential to receive postpartum care, ensuring you & your baby are safe. A mother may face many breastfeeding problems, such as less milk supply and nipple soreness. If you experience any problem during breastfeeding or others, consult our lactation consultant in Gachibowli.

At 9M Hospital, we help all mothers stay safe during and post-pregnancy. Your safety and health is our priority. We provide a wide range of services and facilities, including epidural painless delivery in Pune, so that you & your baby are healthy. Being the most trusted healthcare provider across India, we comply with the rules and offer state-of-the-art services & facilities. We use modern technology and equipment for effective diagnosis & treatment and quick recovery. If you are struggling while breastfeeding, immediately contact our specialists for lactation support in Gachibowli. Apart from lactation advice & support, our experts assist you to naturally induce labor in Pune.

Begin Your Parenthood Journey With 9M Hospital!

It is okay to feel a little scared about delivering your baby. With us, you can stay relaxed and stress-free. You can embrace a painless delivery in Gachibowli, and have your little one safe in your hands. Our gynecologists guide you at every step, ensuring your and the baby’s health. We have experience in managing high risk pregnancy obgyn in Gachibowli. So, stop worrying about anything and contact us for hydro birthing in Gachibowli

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