Women’s pregnancy is crucial due to the physical & psychological changes they go through. Numerous factors, such as aging, smoking, bad lifestyle choices, lack of physical fitness, and obesity, might result in high-risk pregnancies. 9M Hospital is one of the best hospitals to get treatment for high-risk obstetrics in Gachibowli. Our specialized team focuses on managing the challenges that increase complications during pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy can be converted into a healthy delivery with 9M Hospital; our experts make it possible for you! 


We are one of the trusted hospitals and known for the services for a obgyn high risk pregnancy in Gachibowli. We offer the top facilities & specialized treatments like surgeries to handle potential complications.

Effective Measures We Follow for High-Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies can be managed through early treatments & precautions and prenatal care. Women should actively consult gynecologists & obstetricians at the beginning of pregnancy to track the trimester growth and final delivery date. At 9M Hospital, we have effective treatment plans to handle the high-risk level of pregnancy. Some of the measures we follow are:-


  • Blood and Urine Testing: It helps early detection of emerging issues during pregnancy. These test reports support the treatment & remedial precautions at the starting stage of pregnancy. 
  • Ultrasonography: The test is ideal for tracking the development of fetal growth & development. Detection of congenital disabilities is possible with the ultrasonography test. 
  • Screening & Monitoring: Symptoms might go unnoticeable from the outside physical appearance of the mother’s body. Our screening & consistent monitoring help track baby positions, breathing, and amniotic fluid. 

Find the Right Factor: High-risk pregnancies can be a result of multiple factors; our Gynecologists look for the potential problems and start the best treatments. Possible risks of pregnancies are congenital disabilities among newborns, poor baby growth, preeclampsia, eclampsia, Gestational diabetes, multiple gestation, preterm birth, and a history of multiple miscarriages.

What Do We Offer to Secure Obgyn High Risk Pregnancy in Gachibowli?

9M Hospital is the best women & children clinic offering services to assist you with high risk pregnancy obgyn in Gachibowli. We work together to decrease the risk factors of your pregnancy. You just need to follow the following steps:-


  • Visit our gynecologist or obstetrician to follow up on the test.
  • Get a consultation with a high-risk pregnancy specialist to discuss the complications.
  • Consultation with specialists in neurology & cardiologist.
  • Get the monitoring of blood pressure done.
  • Get the ultrasound scanning done to track the baby’s growth.
  • A C-section delivery or any surgeries, if required.

Our specialist high risk obgyn in Gachibowli will examine the condition to know about any pre-medical conditions that might impact the pregnancy. Only then can our specialists proceed further.

9M Hospital: Plan a Safe Pregnancy With Us!

At 9M Hospital, we provide tertiary care & support to treat women’s pregnancy risk, advanced treatments & state-of-the-art infrastructure that led to the improvement of high risk obstetrics in Gachibowli. You can consult at our different locations of 9M Hospital in Pune; we are well known for normal delivery without pain in Pune. We provide assistance & support for natural vaginal delivery in Pune. So, contact or visit us today to plan a healthy pregnancy & delivery.

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