For every mother, pregnancy and childbirth are transformative experiences of life. Your emotions of excitement may merge with those of anxiety and fear. To stay relaxed, if you wish to have a natural vaginal delivery in Pune, consult our experts at 9M Hospital. With us, you have nothing to worry about. 


Our women specialist hospital stands as a beacon of hope and excellence. We offer state-of-the-art services & facilities to all patients, ensuring their safety & health. Our expert team of doctors and other medical staff ensures a safe and effective natural birth in Pune. 


Our expert team of healthcare providers follow a patient-centric approach. We prioritize the health of all mothers, both before and after pregnancy. From devising effective delivery plans to bringing a new life into this world, we have covered everything for you.

Embrace a Natural Delivery in Pune With Us

No worries if you are confused about whether to go for a natural or vaginal delivery. Natural delivery is also known as normal or vaginal birth. It is a process of childbirth where a baby is born through the vagina without any use of medical interventions, like C-section (cesarean). In a natural delivery:-


A mother undergoes distinct stages of labor, which usually include the onset of contractions and the descent of the baby through the vagina or birth canal. 

Pain Management

Mothers usually experience labor pain. Doctors guide them with natural pain relief techniques, like breathing exercises. In some cases, healthcare providers recommend pain relief methods, like epidurals.

Spontaneous Pushing

When your cervix is dilated, you may feel the urge to push. As per your body’s instincts, you push. 

Baby’s Birth

Your baby’s head emerges first, followed by the rest of the body. Doctors may cut the umbilical cord after your little one is born. With this, you are assured and relaxed that you have a successful natural delivery in Pune. 

You can visit us for regular pregnancy check ups if you are an expectant mother. Our team of healthcare professionals monitors the health of you and your baby. We address potential risks or complications and provide ultimate solutions tailored to your needs. After a thorough checkup, we advise you to go for natural labour in Pune. 

Why Choose Us?

As an expectant mother, you must get regular follow-ups to ensure the safety of your baby and yourself. If you wish to have naturally induce labor in Pune, you can reach out to us.


At 9M Hospital, our expert team of healthcare providers devise comprehensive pregnancy plans as per your health status & needs. We also offer prenatal yoga in Gachibowli and other services to ensure you are physically & emotionally healthy. 


We are located across India. So, if you wish to have a painless normal delivery in Pune or elsewhere, contact us today.

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