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In a woman’s life, pregnancy is one of the most remarkable and beautiful phases. Women feel various emotional and physical changes in their bodies during this period. Apart from mood swings, excitement, fear, and uncertainty, it also comes with body pains and aches. Sometimes, the body starts hurting in entirely new places and ways. 

So, here the question arises, “What can be done to get rid of this and have a more comfortable nine months?

Exercise. Safe exercises during pregnancy are one of the most reliable and best ways to make your nine months pain-free and keep your little one healthy and safe.

Yoga is considered an effective and safest exercise for pregnant females as apart from providing relief during the critical nine months, it also helps you to prepare yourself physically for labor pain and delivery. So, here in this blog, we will discuss the meaning, differences, and benefits of prenatal yoga for expectant mothers

Understanding Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is among the ancient cultures of mental, spiritual, and physical practice, and its objective is to unite mind, soul, body, and universal consciousness. The key focus of prenatal yoga is to perform certain poses that fulfill the needs of both pregnant women’s and babies’ bodies. Prenatal yoga for expectant mothers aims to prepare your body for labor pain. These low-impact and low-intense exercises enable you to improve physical strength, flexibility, mood & sleep, lower back pain reduction, and other symptoms a pregnant woman faces. Whether you perform this yoga daily or weekly, it is a safe exercise during pregnancy and will provide many benefits. 

How is Prenatal Yoga Different from Regular Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga and regular Yoga are two different forms of exercise. Regular yoga is designed for the general population and may include poses and exercises that could be too strenuous or risky for pregnant women. However, prenatal yoga for expectant mothers focuses on only specific body parts that get physical changes during pregnancy. The back is one of the most essential body parts, especially the lower back, which faces more strain when the weight and size of the bay grow, and pregnant women have to use the strength of their back to support their growing bellies. 

Moreover, the other focused body parts of prenatal yoga are the pelvic floor, hips, muscles between ribs, and lower back. Opening and stretching the hips relieve some of the pressure in that region during pregnancy and assist you physically with the delivery and labor pain. 

Prenatal yoga offers a nurturing and specialized approach that caters to expectant mothers’ changing physical and emotional requirements, fostering a healthier and more connected pregnancy journey.

Best Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

In this section, we have mentioned some of the best Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women that will make your pregnancy journey more beautiful and reduce your pregnancy pain significantly. We will also discuss pregnancy yoga benefits. 

Cow/Cat Pose: This is the best prenatal yoga for expectant mothers suffering from back pain during their pregnancy. It helps improve flexibility and posture, alleviates back pain, and promotes better circulation to the spine and pelvis. The gentle movements can reduce tension and stress, creating a sense of relaxation. Additionally, the Cat-Cow Stretch encourages optimal fetal positioning, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable pregnancy journey.

Modified Child’s Pose: It is highly beneficial in prenatal yoga. It gently stretches the lower back and hips, relieving tension and discomfort. This restful pose aids in calming the mind and reducing stress during pregnancy. The position also allows for improved blood circulation, promoting relaxation and well-being for expectant mothers. It is considered a safe exercise during pregnancy for its numerous benefits for both the mother and the baby. 

Balancing Table Pose: Balancing Table Pose offers several advantages in prenatal yoga. It enhances balance and stability, which can be especially beneficial as the body changes during pregnancy. This pose strengthens the core and improves posture, supporting the spine as the baby grows. Additionally, it engages the pelvic muscles, promoting better control and preparation for childbirth, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy experience.

Downward Facing Dog Against a Wall: If you suffer from upper back and shoulder pain, this exercise is one of the best variants for you. It is a modified version of the classic yoga pose suitable for all levels, including prenatal yoga. It involves placing your hands on the shoulder-high wall and stepping back to form an inverted “V” shape. This variation reduces pressure on the wrists and allows for a gentle stretch in the hamstrings and back. 

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy can be a memorable and exciting moment in a woman’s life, but it is also mysterious. Prenatal yoga for expectant mothers enables you the best way to slow down & enjoy this experience of motherhood by respecting and accepting the incredible changes your body is making. However, the proper guidance of the exercises is also crucial to get pregnancy yoga benefits.

At 9M Hospital, we aspire to all expecting mothers to stay relaxed and fit during their journey of motherhood. We provide customized and personalized yoga classes to balance your mind, emotions, and mind. Our experts are well aware of the needs of pregnant women and how to overcome them. Our prenatal yoga for expectant mothers program will assist you in learning pregnancy yoga benefits and how to deliver the babies safely without any emotional turmoil linked to it. Visit us today to learn more about our Prenatal Yoga classes !!

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