Best Ways to Manage Pregnancy Trimester Challenges

Pregnancy Trimester

The pregnancy phase holds a special place in every woman’s life. The pregnancy journey invites many ups and downs related to their physical and mental health. A full-fledged pregnancy comprises three pregnancy trimesters that last for 40 weeks during normal delivery. During each trimester women’s fetus goes through medical changes to gradually develop into a healthy baby. The ideal duration for pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. However, the baby can arrive as early as 37 weeks and might get late till 42 weeks. 

Three Stages of Pregnancy Trimesters

As we already know, the pregnancy cycle comprises three pregnancy trimesters. Expecting mothers experience different challenges and transformations in their bodies. 

First Trimester

The duration of the first pregnancy trimester lasts for 0-13 weeks. At this stage, the baby’s body and organs start developing. Pregnant mothers experience medical symptoms and undergo hormonal changes. The most common sign is the stoppage of menstruation. However, every woman has experience relating to their health challenges. It is advisable to consult doctor or gynecology experts to ease your initial pregnancy phase. 

Some of the common early symptoms of the first trimester are:-

  • Too much fatigue and tiredness
  • Tender & swollen breasts that make nipples stick out
  • Regular upset stomach increases sickness
  • More cravings and distaste for specific food items
  • Constant mood swings 
  • Improper bowel movements & constipation
  • The urgency to pass urine more frequently
  • Headache problems
  • Heartburns 
  • Either mother gets too much weight or loses fat

Remedies: Expecting mothers should take prenatal vitamins, make a habit of exercising regularly, work out for pelvic floor exercises, eat nutritious foods like fruit, vegetables, low-fat protein & fibre, keep hydrated and get more calories. 

Second Trimester

The ideal duration of the second pregnancy trimester lasts for 14-26 weeks, and it is also called the honeymoon period of pregnancy. The phase involves a lot of unpleasant symptoms, and signs of early pregnancy subside. Expecting mothers might feel improved energy and a better sleep cycle.

  • Congestion
  • Swelling in the ankles and feet
  • Sensitive Gums
  • Dizziness
  • Leg cramps due to lack of calcium & magnesium
  • Ache in the lower abdomen
  • Varicose Veins
  • Weight Gains

Remedies: The doctor advises you to consume a well-balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals, continue your prenatal supplements, practice aerobics exercises, and brush and floss regularly to avoid dental problems. Also, take frequent naps to regulate disturbed sleep cycles. 

Your doctor will suggest the first ultrasound during the period of 18 and 20 weeks. These anatomy ultrasounds measure developed babies, ensuring their growth & development in the right manner. The ultrasound procedures are safe and done by highly experienced technicians. 

During this second trimester phase only, the mother may feel the baby’s kick or movement, known as quickening. The timing can be somewhere between 16-20 weeks. 

Third Trimester

The last stage of pregnancy brings excitement and anxiety at the same time. The size of the uterus expands by 2 ounces approximately which invite most of the symptoms. The ideal duration of the third trimester lies between 27-40 weeks. At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s bone structure grows fully, and its organs can function independently. 

Some of the common symptoms mother experiences during their third trimester are:-

  • Breath Shortness 
  • Frequent Urination while laughing & sneezing
  • Swollen ankles and feet 
  • Skin itchiness
  • Gum sensitivity and sore mouth 
  • Bratox hicks Contractions

Remedies: Regularly visit the doctor for regular checkups & tests, track fetal movements, watch for the sign of labour, and read about handling pain and childbirth. Take a healthy diet and walk in fresh air to maintain blood circulation in the body. 

Although there are three trimesters of pregnancy cycles, some studies consider the postpartum phase the fourth trimester after three months of delivery. 

Mother goes through various hormonal and physical changes that can pose challenges. It may include stitches recovery after delivery, lochia – the condition of blood discharging and tissue, cramps, sore breast & breastfeeding problems, fatigue, loss of sleep, and some women might experience postpartum depression. 

However, postpartum experiences are too common in women, and the effects can be reversed. New mothers require considerable time to adjust to their new life, consume nutritious foods, and exercise to return to normal life. 

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