9M Hospital is the top choice for all-inclusive, best menopause clinic in Pune Being a top healthcare facility, we take pride in providing women going through life-changing menopause with specialized services. Our devoted team of professionals is committed to providing individualized treatment, ensuring that every woman’s menopausal journey is well-managed and supported.

Understanding Menopause!

The end of a woman’s reproductive years is marked by the normal biological process of menopause. Menstrual cycles end as a result of it, usually in the late 40s or early 50s. Menopause is a natural aspect of aging, but it can have a negative influence on a woman’s quality of life because it can cause a variety of emotional and physical symptoms. At 9M Hospital, we recognize the special difficulties that come with menopause and provide all-encompassing menopause treatments in Pune.

Consult With Our Top Menopause doctor in Pune and Feel the Difference!

The best menopause doctor in Pune is in our team; an expert in women’s health and the subtleties of menopausal therapy. You’ll notice the difference between evidence-based therapy and individualized attention when you speak with our experts. Our goal is to empower women through this period of transition by offering them the support and direction they need to have a more seamless menopausal journey.


9M Hospital is the only place you need to look if you’re looking for a ‘menopause clinic near me in Pune.’ Women in Pune will always have easy access to professional menopausal care because of our conveniently placed clinic. We put your comfort and health first, providing a warm setting in which you may get professional advice and care.

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Specifically for individuals looking for a “menopause doctor near me in Pune,” 9M Hospital is the solution. Our skilled medical staff is prepared to listen to your worries and offer individualized care that is catered to your particular requirements. Put your trust in us to be your health partners throughout this important stage of life.


We provide a variety of best menopause doctors in Pune at 9M Hospital, that are proven to be beneficial in reducing symptoms and improving general health. Our all-encompassing approach guarantees that you receive the best care available to manage the problems of menopause, from hormone medicines to lifestyle adjustments.

9M hospital- Known for the Best Menopause Doctors in Pune!

We at 9M Hospital are proud to be recognized as Pune’s top menopausal physicians. We are committed to providing the same level of the specialized menopause clinic in Gachibowli as we do in Pune. Aside from menopause care, 9M Hospital is well known for its gynecology cosmetic surgery services. Our focus is transformative operations designed to reinvent attractiveness and boost confidence.


The end of a woman’s reproductive years is marked by the natural biological process known as menopause. Hormonal fluctuations and the end of menstruation are the normal outcomes, and it usually happens in the late 40s to early 50s.

Hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, mood swings, and insomnia are typical symptoms.

Modifications in lifestyle, hormone therapy, or other individualized therapies may be necessary to manage symptoms. For individualized advice, speaking with a healthcare professional is necessary.

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