Bringing a new life into this world is a beautiful and transformative experience. For new parents, it is a time filled with joy, excitement, and, undoubtedly, a host of questions and concerns. One of the most crucial aspects of newborn care is ensuring they receive proper nutrition, and that’s where specialists of lactation in Pune play a pivotal role.

Let’s delve into the significance of lactation support, focusing on the services we offer at 9M Hospitals, a renowned healthcare facility in Pune.

Understanding the Importance of Lactation

Breastfeeding is a characteristic and essential activity of baby care. It gives newborns fundamental supplements, helps their invulnerable framework, and fortifies the connection between mother and youngster. Even so, while breastfeeding is regular, it is more complex than 100% of the time. Many new moms face difficulties and troubles all the while. This is where a lactation expert comes in.

Lactation Consultant in Pune

Pune, a bustling metropolis in India, offers various resources for new mothers to seek lactation support. 9M Hospitals in Pune is professionally trained to assist mothers in breastfeeding. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about breastfeeding techniques, addressing common issues, and providing emotional support to new mothers.

The Role of a Lactation Clinic in Pune at 9M Hospitals

Our lactation specialist in Pune plays a multifaceted role. They help new mothers with various aspects of breastfeeding, such as ensuring a proper latch, managing breastfeeding pain, and addressing concerns about milk supply. Moreover, they offer guidance on maintaining a balanced diet and suggest techniques to maximize milk production.

Support With Our Lactation Specialist in Pune

Lactation support in Pune can be found through lactation clinics and hospitals. These facilities provide a supportive and welcoming environment for mothers seeking help. One of the most well-regarded places for lactation support in Pune is our facility – 9M Hospitals.

Why Choose '9M Hospital' for Lactation Support

‘9M Hospital’ is a leading healthcare institution in Pune, known for our outstanding maternity and newborn care services. Regarding lactation support, 9M Hospital has set itself apart as the best lactation consultant in Pune for several reasons.

We offer a comprehensive lactation clinic in Pune. The lactation consultant in Pune associated with ‘9M Hospital’ provides continuous support. Whether it’s a phone call, an in-person visit, or an online consultation, we ensure that mothers have access to assistance whenever they need it. Our round-the-clock support is precious during the initial weeks of breastfeeding when new mothers may have the most questions and concerns. If you’re in Gachibowli, we also provide services for epidural painless delivery in Gachibowli and naturally induce labor in Gachibowli, ensuring a seamless experience for expectant mothers in the area.

The role of our lactation specialist in Pune is vital in nurturing newborns and providing the support and guidance new mothers need. When it comes to choosing the best lactation consultant Pune, we at 9M Hospitals, stand as the preferred choice, ensuring that every mother and child receives the care and attention they deserve during this precious phase of life.


Lactation specialists in Pune assist new mothers with breastfeeding challenges, offering guidance, support, and expertise to ensure a successful breastfeeding journey.

9M Hospitals stand out for highly trained lactation specialists, comprehensive clinic, and round-the-clock support, ensuring the best care for mothers and newborns.

At 9M Hospitals, we offer a comfortable and supportive environment, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of breastfeeding to cater to individual needs.

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